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Note: the results include some false positives, so please use your own discretion.

The list of grammar rules has been collected from Korean Grammar in Use, https://www.howtostudykorean.com/, https://koreanwikiproject.com, and others. The list is frequently updated. If you find a grammar rule that is missing, please send an email to readerwebsite@gmail.com

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Paste a text in the text area. All new words start as unknown (unless you change this in settings). Click to mark them as learning, and again to mark them as known.

Suggested Interpretations:

    Unknown words may be unknown, difficult, or not important to remember for the timebeing.

    Learning words are words that feel fuzzy. The meaning can be guessed without confidence and perhaps needs to be confirmed with a dictionary lookup.

    Known words are words where the meaning is known instantly and accurately.

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Deletes all words from vocabulary.

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